Why Should You Include A Blog On Your Website?

Why Should You Include A Blog On Your Website?

Have you ever thought about having a blog on your website? You should.

You’re probably thinking: “Everyone blogs these days, why should I lump more work on my shoulders?”

Think about it, though. By blogging about what you do, you can create a relationship with your customers and they’ll visit your website more often – not just when they need to buy a product or service, but for entertainment. Which may lead to a purchase, you never know.

You also have a better chance of attracting new people who are on a different stage of a customer’s journey – people who buy products from you are people who have already done their research and know what’s good for them. But, there are tons of people out there who need help!

They are endlessly searching for different products and brands – and they probably feel a little overwhelmed due to the amount of content out there. People love when someone is an authority – if you sell kid’s shoes, how about including blog posts about sizing, the best material, new materials, unusual features – lights, etc.

Or if you sell environmen-friendly home equipment, how about blogging about the environmental issues?

I am a freelance writer, so I’m blogging about writing – I can cover various topics, for example:

  • How can I help your business?
  • What is a copywriter?
  • What is it like to work with a freelance writer?
  • What does my day look like?
  • What books do we read?
  • What are the strategies I use that can help your business grow?

Blog helps your customers understand you – and trust you!

Whether you share news from the industry, recipes, fun stories, helpful information; your customers will appreciate it and feel valued. Especially if you answer their burning questions in one of your blog posts – they will feel like you really get them and truly care about them!

You can share case studies or statistics and show customers how are you making a difference, which will add to your unique selling point. Does your business donate to a charity? Write a post about it. Does your company plant trees as part of their marketing strategy for cleaner environment? Share it! These are incredible stories that need to get out there – don’t hide them.

sharing written on a typewriter

Your customers want to know that there are kind and caring people behind the website, product or the service they visit or buy. Business is not just about making money anymore – it’s about building a community, which will eventually help your revenue, too.

It’s worth investing in a blog on your website – you don’t have to create a new post every day. You can do it every week, or every month, or even every couple of months – the most important thing is to be consistent. Think about it, do your research, put a nice story together and don’t rush it. You don’t have to blog just for the sake of it or because everyone does it.

Blog because you care about sharing information with your customers – existing and future ones.

Great way to promote products on your website in a blog section are advertorials – short “how-to” posts which offer customers helpful information. Garden centres or DIY shops often include these on their websites to attract customer’s attention. They are also very seasonal, for example, a garden centre may post an article about how to plant bulbs in spring – including a link to buy some from their own website, of course.


Or they may write a blog post about air-purifying plants with a link to some of the ones they stock. See? It’s not just a blog post – it first grabs you reader’s attention and then persuades him/her to get this product. And, conveniently, they already on a website where they can purchase this item! And they’ve learned something too!

Advertorials are a great piece of content because they make both sides happy – reader learned something and the seller made money.

plant growing from money

Consider this type of marketing for your website, head over to the contact page and give me a shout!

You can see an advertorial sample in my portfolio, too.

10 thoughts on “Why Should You Include A Blog On Your Website?”

  • Hey Silvie,

    A very interesting concept and one that I definitely agree with.

    I personally think that all company websites should have a blog.

    Plus, I completely agree with what you say about the “entertainment” factor.

    Okay, admiittedly there are certain subject matters where “entertainment” is best avoided, e.g. a funeral director’s website. However, a website like this will still benefit from more fitting content provided in a blog.

    Regardless, of what business it is that someone offers, we as people tend to like the human touch.

    So, often a hint of personality can be all that’s required in order to turn a potential customer into a REAL customer.

    In a way, this reminds me of a gardening website I am across many years ago.

    The website in itself was created in a professional manner. It listed the services that the business offered, cntact details, an about me page, and pictures and testimonials of previous jobs.

    Now that;s how most service-oriented websites would leave it.

    However, these guys have obviously hired a freelance writer and they had an ever icnreasing blog. Basically, they took a list of some of the most frequently asked customer questions they had received over the years.

    They took each question and turned it into a blog post. Nothing spectacular, 750-1,000 words that answered the question.

    They included images and videos, and even links for further information.

    They also had quick answer blog posts and they created an entertaining alter-ego, If I remember rightly it was an animated fox.

    Anyway, suffice to say that they got my business. I was entertained, plus they came across as though they really knew what they were talking about.

    Love it. A great idea Silvie. I’m with you – yes, you should include a blog on your website.


    • I really like the idea of turning FAQs into a blog – something I definitely want to set up when the writing business takes off properly! It shows so much empathy with the customer and gives the business person a lot more time to actually run their business properly when they are not trying to answer a lot of questions.

      The thing is – is the customer has to answer a lot of questions, you – as a business – hasn’t explained it well.

      Awesome idea and I think everyone should do that!

  • Hi Silvie, Great post and thanks for sharing. I am a big fan of my blog and was glad to read your post affirming that I should be, Thanks!

    I agree that there is no better way to foster the relationship with our readers than the interaction we can get from a blog posting. I think it’s the human factor that’s needed in the information share and what the reader/customer is after when they click on an article.

    I also feel that reactions or comments to my blog posts are a great way of gauging how effective I was in putting forth my information/content. Based on the comments I get I can often see that the reader got exactly what I was putting out there, or on the other hand, “no I missed on that one, they have no idea what I was presenting to them”. Just a little self-evaluation of my content.

    Great site, glad I found it.

    • Totally! You can learn so much about your reader! It could be especially beneficial if you are trying to present a complex issue – you may thing you did a great job in explaining it, but perhaps your reader doesn’t understand a word! πŸ˜€ It’s good to know whether the content you are sending out is resonating with your audience!

      Excellent comment, thank you.

  • I completely agree that every business with an online presence should have a blog. It’s a great way to provide customers with valuable tips and build a relationship with them. As you mentioned, it shows there’s a real person behind the business who cares enough to take time writing posts. Even my dentist has a blog, and though he doesn’t post often, they’re always full of good information. In fact, his well designed website makes the practice seem even more professional. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Kathy, thank you for your comment.

      I absolutely love the fact that even your dentist has a website πŸ˜€ My clients sometimes ask: “Why should I set up a blog, I sell dishwasher tablets!”

      But whatever business you are in, there are always other ways to help your customer beyond the services you actually sell.

      Everyone should have a “How-to” blog at least!

  • Hey Silvie,

    I agree with you that blogging is crucial for every business because it shows credibility and help increase sales.

    Whenever I want to buy a new product or from a brand not known to me, I always look out for their blog section so I can read better about the product, and especially how best to use it.
    Even better when such a blog has beautiful images and videos to better educate and engage. I am a curious buyer, so it’s what I always look out for.

    Thanks for this engaging article!


    • Hi Femi,

      Thank you for stopping by!

      Totally agree, all the products I use are from brands I haven’t known before (I’m not a fan of corporations).

      I discovered most of them on Instagram and read their blog – if they had just a landing page and no blog, I wouldn’t waste my time. Why should I? Since clearly they haven’t.

      Everyone can make a landing page these days.

      Totally agree with the images as well. They help to break up the text and give the reader a second to pause.

      Thank you for a lovely comment.

  • Hi Silvie,

    I love the blogging community and it’s the main reason I started my own. I find to answers to whatever I’m Googling within the blogging community to be far more valuable then any corporate business article. The small amount of businesses that I do rely on for internet help, usually have a blog!

    I try to focus on writing as a person instead of a business on my blog to help build that sense of “there’s an actual person behind the words” for my readers. It truly does keep your readers around and then a community is built.

    I’m also looking into starting freelance writing so I am going to browse your website a little more!

    • Hi Haley,

      Thank you for stopping by!

      You are totally right, I cannot even count how many times I relied on information from the blog. Especially with DIY and other practical things. I wish every brand had a blog about their products and how to use them.

      But I guess we would have nothing to do πŸ˜€

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