Why Do You Need A Copywriter?

Considering you made it this far, I assume you know the word exists – but do you really know what we do?

If you do know, accept my sincere apology and skip this page and go directly to my portfolio or blog. If you don’t, read on.

As a copywriter, my basic urge is to explain everything briefly, so here you go:

Do you own a business that’s growing quickly and you’re finding yourself juggling many tasks at once? You have to run your business, be with your family and friends, and make sure your website is up to date!

I can’t run your business for you and I cannot be with your family, but I can create content for your website and take a huge load off your shoulders.

This was the short reason why should you get a copywriter.

Now the long one:

I am going to attempt to answer two questions:

  • Who is a copywriter?
  • Why do you need him/her?

Who is a copywriter?

It’s a person, strongly experienced in language, who’s main purpose is to write content that makes the reader do something:

  • Buy a product
  • Click on a link and visit a website
  • Sign up to your newsletter
  • Fill in a survey
  • Sign up for a subscription

We are here to write a copy so compelling that the reader will have no other choice but to act upon the call to action.

The content copywriters write is usually short, succinct and clear – don’t expect semicolons and a lot of comas. We break down sentences to more digestible bites and cut out unnecessary words – we improve your content’s readability.

Reader’s attention span is very short these days – I am not trying to insult today’s readers, not by a long shot. But with Internet being everywhere, there is so much content out there that we don’t have the time to read it all. We skim through – we all do it. Try to pay attention next time you read something and remember what I’ve just said – do you actually read content? Word by word? Or do you just fly through it to see whether you can find something of use?

The latter, I guess. It’s so hard to grab anyone’s attention these days and that brings me to the question number two:

Why do you need a Copywriter?

You need us to write a content that does grab the reader’s attention. And not only that – you need us to write content that makes the reader act! And buy your product or service.

The competition in content is fierce! There are so many factors that can make a copy successful. Or a total disaster:

  • Headlines
  • SEO
  • Keywords
  • Readability
  • Active voice
  • Good balance of short and long sentences
  • Copy length and type

Customers don’t want to see raw adverts anymore – they have become numb to them. All this is old news:

  • “Buy now”
  • “Totally free”
  • “Amazing deal”
  • “Unbelievable offer”

Nobody pays attention to that – your readers are clever. You have to grab their attention by offering them value. Free stuff still works, but it still has to offer help – ideally, it should solve your reader’s problem. People search the Internet to find solutions to their problems. Whether it’s a mental health therapist or finding out which paint is the best to use on kitchen cupboards – they look for valuable information.

Us, copywriters, can put this valuable information into easily digestible content that will also offer a value to the reader. And that’s why you need me – you have a business, you are a busy person and you can’t be dealing with all this. I am here to do it for you!

Just keep one thing in mind – we cannot write your content if you don’t give us information, so before you hire any copywriter, please have these things ready:

  • Who is your target audience
  • What is your CTA (call to action) – what do you need the reader to do?
  • Specific phrases or words you want to use (keywords)
  • USP – unique selling point – why should customers buy your product and not your rival’s? How do you stand out?

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