Robert Cialdini’s Principles – Authority Explained

Robert Cialdini’s Principles – Authority Explained

Welcome to the last part of the mini series about Robert Cialdini’s principles of influence.

Today, we are going to talk about authority. As you’ve probably discovered already, all the influence principles are very closely tied together.

Authority is incredibly important for any business and its content marketing strategy. You have to be established as a knowledgeable source of information to which people will be happy to turn back for more.

If you don’t have any authority, you just melt in with all the other content creators and businesses with no strategy, resulting in average outcomes and leads.


Don’t be scared to show your credentials and experience – it’s not bragging. People who are considering to buy from you want to know that you know what are you talking about!

Don’t underestimate the power of networking and establish a good quality online presence for your business:

linkedin icon


  • Fabulous platform for connecting with potential clients and researching your competitors.
  • You can write regular posts, or even use LinkedIn article platform to write longer content.

laptop with launched website

Have a decent website

  • It’s shocking how many businesses have very basic or non-existent website!
  • You don’t have to hire a website developer anymore, you can launch a website yourself or outsource it to a WordPress or Squarespace website creator – they cost a lot less than regular web developers.
  • Include:
    • About Us page
    • Contact Us form
    • Product descriptions
    • Blog to help with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – well executed SEO helps you rank better on Google and other big search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing.

instagram icon

Get yourself on Instagram

  • Instagram has the highest engagement and the highest number of daily users
  • Any content can be made visually stimulating, whether you sell paint or gym gear
  • Apart from pictures, Instagram offers different type of content, such as:
    • Reels – short videos lasting up to 30s.
    • Guides – visual how-to guides saved away from the main feed.
    • Stories – short videos that don’t appear on your main profile, but show up after clicking on a profile picture. They disappear after 24h.
    • Carousels – up to 10 images appearing on your main feed as one post – reader swipes right through the individual pictures. Used as quick How To visual guides.
    • Shop allows you to display your products with clickable tags taking your clients straight to the shop. Convenient, isn’t it?
    • Live – As the name suggests, this is a live streamed video where people can comment. This feature is often used by podcasters.


There’s nothing worse than trying to look up an individual or a company and running into empty social media profiles and outdated websites that are not optimised for mobile phones.

You only have a few seconds to capture your potential client’s attention and if they find awful website or a social media profile that was last updated 4 years ago, they’ll look elsewhere.

Not having a website or social media profile just makes you look like you don’t care enough. What do you do when researching something? You look online, don’t you?

If a customer finds a good-looking and easy-to-navigate website, your business will immediately look professional and authoritative. Same applies to social media accounts, but don’t worry. You don’t have to be on every platform! There are so many that you wouldn’t be able to catch up anyway.

I think every business should be on Instagram because people love visuals. As an addition, choose another one that suits your needs.

Twitter? For short and punchy tweets? Good for someone who has loads of news to share and is willing to tweet a lot! Tech companies, for example.

Facebook? Good for local shops. Facebook allows you to add a lot of functions to your business page:

  • Opening hours
  • Booking button
  • Message Us button

It’s good to have Facebook if your website has a blog you regularly contribute to – share the links to it at your Facebook page to increase traffic back to your website.

Tik Tok? Do you sell real products? You can create videos to show people how to use them. If you sell tools or paints, you can create DIY videos using your products! Don’t forget to encourage people to visit your website and buy them! Is your business creative? Show your work!


stressed girl over a laptop

You can.

But you don’t have to.

You can do some of it yourself and outsource the most time-consuming tasks to a professional.

Give me a shout if you need help with establishing your online presence.

I can advise you on:

  • Website hosting
  • Website creation with WordPress

I can also help you with content for:

  • Social media
  • Blog
  • About Us page
  • Product description page
  • Landing pages
  • Email newsletter

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