Promotional Copy – Garmin Venu Sport Watch

Promotional Copy – Garmin Venu Sport Watch

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Are you really as active as you think you are?

Trying to lose weight with no result?

Do you want to know how rested you are? Or, perhaps, how effective was your morning run or gym session?

Venu will help you understand yourself. Many of us consider ourselves active, but does running to catch the train in the morning really count as active?

This clever tracker will adapt to your lifestyle, learning your activity and fitness levels, progressively challenging you to move more.

It’s like having a personal trainer on your wrist, without the hefty price tag and limited time they can offer you.

Do you barely keep up with charging your smartphone every day? No problem, you can forget about the Venu for at least four days. That means charging once a week!

It will not drain smartphone battery either. The watch is incredibly independent, it’s even able to store over 300 songs from your favourite music streaming provider.

Why not create a challenge with your friends and try to beat them in your favourite activity?

Earn badges, become more fit, sleep better, learn new workouts and, most importantly, have fun!

Get your for £329.

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