Forest – The Best Productivity App!

Forest – The Best Productivity App!

You can get an app for anything these days – from tracking the consistency of your poop (yes, it’s real and it’s called Poop Tracker) to time management and productivity apps. But an app that makes you keep a tree alive to stay focused? That’s new.

As a freelancer, boundaries between work and life often blur. It’s difficult to keep up with a certain schedule because, as we all know very well, sometimes the thing called life gets in the way.

Freelancing often doesn’t consist purely from just doing the work – whatever your work may be. Whether it’s woodcarving business, freelance writing, copywriting, writing a book, or just studying. Time management applies to everyone who has a business! Or thinking of having one. Maybe you’re at university, or you’re writing a plan to open your own business.

Wherever you are on your journey, productivity apps can save you a lot of time and self-beating. We’ve all been there; having a “plan” for the day only for the evening to creep up on us way too fast. And us finding out that we’ve done a lot, but none of it was a part of the plan.

Distractions come, people have kids, pets, TV, phones, tablets – and that’s where’s the problem. We are surrounded by too many screens – something always buzzes, chirps, rings, dings. That’s where the beauty of my favourite app is – it tackles this over screening problem.


forest app

Forest is by far my favourite one because it doesn’t just contain a timer, like Pomodoro app. Does any of you remember the Tamagochi toys where you needed to look after a digital animal and basically keep it alive? Well, it works something like that, but you are planting trees.

Every time you set a timer, which could be anything you want by the way, you are growing a tree. If you leave the app, the tree dies. I know, it’s just a digital tree! But this totally silly feature makes me a lot more focused on my task.

You can pick different features you want to set according to your individual needs:

  • Tree type
  • Timer or Stopwatch (some people like the time counting down, some people like to just have a regular timer)
  • Colour-coded tasks
  • Favourite combinations you can save to speed up the process

forest app interface

As you can see, some trees are locked, so that you have to keep using the app and accumulate enough coins to create a better looking forest!

forest app interface

Set your time and an activity and get cracking! And don’t worry if you make a mistake – you can edit any focus tasks later in your timeline.

You can see your whole digital forest in the app. It also tracks how much time are you spending on certain tasks and at which part of the day, so that you better understand and perhaps identify areas where you need to improve.

forest analytics

Check out my beautiful virtual forest! (OK, mine is a little sparse – I’ve only just started)

forest analytics

You can see which time of the day you are the most productive.

forest app analytics

Look at this gorgeous graph – who doesn’t love a pie chart! The analytics tell you which tags are predominant that day, week, month and even a year.

It’s possible to add Forest as a Chrome extension into your browser if you, for any reason, don’t like using an app. It works slightly differently, as you probably need your browser to study or work. Forest lets you add websites to a blocklist – think Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Any potential distractions. If your browser detects a visit to any of the blocked sites, your tree will wither away.

The app also has a little Achievements section which awards you badges, just like Fitbit or Garmin fitness apps. You get a badge every time you reach a certain milestone, which in this case equals to certain amount of focus minutes or days.

Grow your own beautiful forest and focus better!


And it’s not just about digital trees! No, no.

Forest team has partnered up with a real tree-planting organisation – Trees for future. But, they don’t just donate some of their profits – you can help too! You can plant a tree yourself by collecting coins by using the app and spending them on a real tree! How fantastic is that! Your good productivity and focus could actually be a cause for something good to happen.

You can obviously use the coins to get new trees in your digital forest, but I cannot wait to collect enough to plant my own tree – the app is running right now as I’m writing this blog post.

They managed to plant over 1 million trees! I certainly want to be a part of that.


Now, obviously, the Forest team wouldn’t be able to donate or make a living if the app was free. As the Forest app doesn’t contain adverts and everyone needs to make a living, the app is not free. Well, the very basic skeleton of it is free – that means no analytics, no progress and no custom tags for focus (study, work, sport, etc.).

I don’t like paying for apps, but I have done so on occasion if I felt that someone really put an effort in the product. And, to be honest, I’d rather pay a small fee than have hundreds of pop-up ads jumping around and distracting me – wouldn’t be a very good thing in a focus app, would it?

Having the app for about 10 minutes, I’ve decided to pay for the Pro version – it’s only £1.89. One-off. Bargain!

I can cusomise tags and add those that better suit my business – I have to do different tasks; writing a blog, studying, researching, talking to clients, be active on social media, and many other things that don’t just sum up under the word “work”.


Check out some of these testimonials from fellow Foresters (taken from Forest website):

“It’s great because it works like a phone game, but it’s a phone game that gives you time rather than taking it away.””This changed my life!!! Made me work much more focused and for longer periods of time.””Brilliant app with a great environmental side. Allows me to work without being distracted and help the environment at the same time.”

The last one is absolutely spot on! Well done Forest team to be able to come up with such a unique idea to help people stop procrastinating and help the environment at the same time. Genius!


Need help with focus?

Are you easily distracted?

Do you have too many tasks to do and struggle to keep an eye on every single one of them?

Download Forest App now and make sure every single task gets the focus it deserves!

Enter the code below to get 500 coins!

You can also let me know your Forest experience in the comments below.

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