Why Do You Need A Copywriter. Now!

Why Do You Need A Copywriter. Now!

Considering you made it this far, I assume you know the word exists – but do you really know what we do?

In this blog post, I’ll tell you why do you need a copywriter and what is it like to work with one.

Do you own a business that’s growing quickly? Congratulations! But you’re probably finding yourself juggling many tasks at once? You have to run your business, be with your family and friends, and make sure your website is up to date!

I can’t run your business for you and I cannot be with your family, but I can create content for your website and take a huge load off your shoulders. Sound good? Keep reading.


It’s a person, strongly experienced in language, who’s main purpose is to write content that makes the reader do something:

  • Buy a product
  • Click on a link and visit a website
  • Sign up to your newsletter
  • Fill in a survey
  • Sign up for a subscription

We are here to write a copy so compelling that the reader will have no other choice but to act upon the call to action.

The content copywriters write is usually short, succinct and clear – don’t expect semicolons and a lot of comas. We break down sentences to more digestible bites and cut out unnecessary words – we improve your content’s readability.

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Reader’s attention span is very short these days – I am not trying to insult today’s readers, not by a long shot.

But with Internet being everywhere, there is so much content out there that we don’t have the time to read it all. We skim through – we all do. Try to pay attention next time you read something – do you actually read? Word by word? Or do you just fly through it to see whether you can find something of use while gulping down your coffee?

The latter, I guess. It’s so hard to grab anyone’s attention these days and that brings me to the question number two:


You need us to write a content that grabs the reader’s attention. And not only that – you need us to write content that makes them act! Which, ideally, means to buy your product or book a service.

The competition in content is fierce! Many factors can make your copy either a great success or a total disaster:

  • Headlines
  • SEO
  • Keywords
  • Readability
  • Active voice
  • Good balance of short and long sentences
  • Copy length and type

Customers don’t want to see raw adverts anymore – they have become numb to them. All this is old news:

  • “Buy now”
  • “Totally free”
  • “Amazing deal”
  • “Unbelievable offer”

Nobody pays attention to that – your readers are clever. You have to grab their attention by offering them value. Free stuff still works, but you should be helpful – solve your reader’s problem, ideally. People search the Internet to find solutions to their problems. Whether it’s a mental health therapist or finding out which paint is the best to use on kitchen cupboards – they look for valuable information.

Us, copywriters, can put this valuable info into easily digestible content that will also offer a value to the reader. And that’s why you need me – you have a business, you are a busy person and you can’t be dealing with all this. I am here to do it for you!

mum working on a laptop while keeping an eye on a baby

Just keep one thing in mind – we cannot write your content if you don’t give us information, so before you hire any copywriter, please have these things ready:

  • Who is your target audience.
  • What is your CTA (call to action) – what do you need the reader to do?
  • Specific phrases or words you want to use (keywords).
  • USP – unique selling point – why should customers buy your product and not your rival’s? How do you stand out?


I’d like to clear something up right at the start.

We don’t just write. We research. A lot.

Technically, I can write you a blog post in an hour and that’s how long it usually takes me to write posts for my website, or my casino articles.

I already have the knowledge and there’s no research required. Apart from occasional small detail.

To write a copy for you, I need to take the time to understand your audience. This is usually your job – you should tell me as much as possible. I need to know as much as you about your target audience.

Depending on the topic, I also may have to do some factual research, so that I’m up to date with the topic which can take a lot of time if the copy is technical or very niche-specific.

In the end, what’s going to take most of my time is editing. I tend to edit the piece once right after I finished writing it. Then once more, and then I’ll leave it rest. Ideally overnight. It’s a lot easier to see mistakes or badly formulated ideas when you’ve slept on it. I don’t like to rush this process as it 100% of the time flags out a lot of things I would have never noticed if I rushed.

Please understand that self-editing and self-proofreading is an incredibly difficult and time consuming task, so when you hire a copywriter and they say that they can crank you up a blog post in 30 mins, it should be a massive red flag!

Yes, we can write it in that amount of time, but, unfortunately, there are other things that come hand in hand with good content. Research, proofreading and editing.

A good copywriter looks at every word they’ve written and evaluate it. Does it have to be there? Is it really necessary? Could I say this differently? Is this how the target audience speaks?

We ask ourselves many questions and the answers are not always obvious.


Thank you for reading my post.

I think it’s important for you to understand how a copywriter works if you hire one.

Also, it’s OK to be demanding and tell them what you want. If you don’t, we won’t know!

Be as demanding as you can possibly be. Tell us all about:

  • The tone of voice you need.
  • Specific words you want to include.
  • How long do you want the copy to be.
  • Specific idea or message that needs to be carried across.

We thrive on information and the more of them we have the better!

Get in touch with me if your content is getting a little too much for you and I’ll be happy to help!

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