Welcome to my world of words!

welcome to my world of words


I’ve always felt strong passion for languages. I could remember weird and long words I’ve read somewhere in a book quite often too difficult for adults to read. I’m not saying I understood what they meant. I could just simply remember them.

I went to a Grammar School that focused on foreign languages. My native language is Czech but I have been exposed to English, Russian and French from a very early age. As the time went, I abandoned French because I simply disliked it and slowly let go of Russian, too. I focused on English – it felt like I could express myself the best in English.

Words and languages have always fascinated me. Numbers and maths terrified me.

Somehow, I ended up working as a Croupier in London and numbers became the source of my income. I’ve spent years, over a decade, fooling everyone around me that I was good at this job and that I can add up. I’m done now!

I’ve now decided to follow my passion for languages. No, I am not a native English speaker but you don’t have to be one to use the language well. I know many native English speakers who cannot spell properly and “punctuation” probably sounds like a foreign word to some.


I was unaware that writing content is challenging for a lot of people. Some of my friends are students and they spend weeks writing a 500-words-long assignment. I do that with my morning coffee. I don’t like bragging but I don’t think it’s bad to offer to help with something others struggle with. Everyone struggles – it would take me ages to work out a mathematical exercise.

I want to help. I like writing and it doesn’t make me want to pull my hair out to write a 1500-words-long article. Or 500-long-copy.


You are more than welcome to browse through my portfolio to become familiar with my writing style and see if I can help you with your content.

Don’t be shy and drop me an email through the Contact form if you have any specific questions, I’d be happy to get back to you.

You can also follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn – just click one of the icons at the top of this page.

I try to expand into as many topics as possible but I prefer working with eco brands in a fitness, health and beauty niches as this area is close to my heart.

I also write for casino magazines and casino training schools – it’s my background and I’d be silly not to use the extensive knowledge I’ve accumulated over the past decade.

If you need help with a copy in any of these topics, give me a shout today!

If your topic covers something completely different, but you like the way I write – give me a shout anyway! I’m sure we can work it out.

Follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn – it will be much appreciated.

Silvie Mazacova



2 thoughts on “Welcome to my world of words!”

  • I have known Silvie for a while as we both worked in the same casino together. She is a perfect blend of strong and wise positions in life, things that can help you grow, develop and become a better person. In other words, she is the influence of progress and prosperity. Your blog and all your articles Silvie are concrete proof of my words and there are a lot of people who would back up this statement. It is a pleasure to know you and to have worked with you, I truly miss the times when debating conversations were conquered by your wise and thoughtful thinking.

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